Trending Nail Color And Nail Art

Nails and nail art have morphed from a simple grooming practice to a fully-fledged fashion statement. They serve as a reflection of personal style, mood, and creativity, and the intricate world of nail fashion obliges with a wide array of techniques and palettes to express oneself. Here, we delve into trending nail colors and nail art, keeping you up-to-date with what’s hot in manicure fashion.

Trending Nail Colors

1. Classic Red: This evergreen favorite maintains its timeless status as an emblem of sophistication. A manicure featuring rich, classic red lacquer never goes out of style.

2. Millennial Pink: A softer, toned-down pink, the “Millennial Pink”, is proving to be the go-to hue for modern minimalists.

3. Metallic Shades: From silver shimmer to glittering gold, expect metallic nails to be a huge trend. Coats of reflective hues create a high shine, mirror-like finish that’s hard to resist.

4. Nude Tones: Nude tones are the perfect go-to for a clean and refined look. They are chic, effortless, and go well with every outfit and occasion.

5. Neon Colors: For those who prefer standing out, vibrant neon colors are flooding the social media feeds. Neon pink, yellow, orange and green are top favorites.

Trending Nail Art

1. Negative Space Nails: This trend gives an edgy, modern vibe by drawing fascination to areas of the nail left bare. Use translucent nail polish that leaves a sleek and minimalistic effect.

2. French Manicure: Though seemingly classic, French manicures are undergoing a creative makeover, with colored tips or puzzling designs replacing the classic white.

3. Minimalistic Design: Simplicity is key in tandem with this trend. Minimal designs such as tiny dots, fine lines, and simple shapes adorn the nails for a subtle aesthetic appeal.

4. Animal Print: From zebra, leopard, cow, to snake print, animal prints are a hot trend in nail art this year. They can be drawn using different colors for a dramatic effect.

5. Abstract Nail Art: This trend allows for unbridled creativity. Expect to see lots of wavy lines, uneven swirls, and non-specific shapes dominating the nail art scene.

Maintaining different shades and designs allows you to mix-and-match with various trends. Experimenting with different hues, embellishments, and nail art styles is in itself an exhilarating fashion adventure.

Whether you prefer short, natural nails or long, bold extensions, there’s a design and hue for everyone. So go ahead, let your nails become your canvas for a colorful expression of your individuality!

Remember, though trends may come and go, the best nail color and art is the one that makes you feel confident and stylish. So stay tuned to the latest trends, but don’t be afraid to stay true to your unique style.