The Latest Nail Color Trends

Nail color trends are ever-changing, reflecting the current cultural zeitgeist, seasonal shifts, and even global events. As we stride ahead into the year, fashionistas globally are curious about what’s currently trending in the world of nail color. For 2021, it seems that the scale has on one hand tipped towards bold, vibrant hues, while on the other, it has leaned towards delicate pastels and calming neutrals.

Let’s dive into the most fashionable nail color trends that are being debuted on runways and appreciated on the bustling city streets.

1. Vibrant Yellows and Oranges: Deriving inspiration from the maximalist trend that’s taking the fashion world by storm, vibrant yellows and oranges are quickly becoming popular this year. These flamboyant, sunny shades wholly embrace the joyful, eccentric spirit of over-the-top fashion. With Pantone having selected a brilliant “Illuminating” yellow as one of its Colors of the Year for 2021, nail enthusiasts are loving this bright hue on their nails too.

2. Classic Blue: Even though Pantone’s 2020 Color of the Year was the enduring and timeless Classic Blue, its reign seems to be carrying forward into 2021. The calm and confident hue is enduringly classy and is perfect for both a professional, sophisticated setting and a casual, laid-back day out.

3. Graceful Neutrals: For those who prefer subtlety over flamboyance, the trend of graceful neutrals provides a soothing alternative. Complementing every skin tone, lipstick color, and even outfit, beige, blush, shades of nude, and taupe are perfect to achieve an elegant look.

4. Bold and Dark Hues: Dark nail colors had their time in the limelight in past seasons, and it seems that they remain a fashion favorite. Bold and daring black, deep burgundy or a rich espresso brown can signify a mysterious, chic look, which is getting much attention this year.

5. Soft Pastels: Pastels seem to be a forever favorite in all beauty themes, and they’ve continued to remain a big trend for nail colors this year. Think whimsical lavender, soft baby blue, or subtle mint green. These shades can add a playful yet romantic touch to our nails.

6. Metallics and Glitters: Another continue-to-rule trend is metallic and glitter nail colors. You can match your metallic silver, rose gold, or glittery bronze nails with your jewelry for a statement look. So, when you are in a mood for adding a little sparkle to your day, do not hesitate to go for metallics or glitters.

7. Translucent Jelly Nails: Making rounds on Instagram and high-fashion circles, translucent jelly nails have become the talk of the town. Different from the regular application of polish, jelly nails use clear acrylics painted on top with a glossy, jelly-like polish to give a see-through effect.

8. Green Tones: Encapsulating the optimism of new beginnings, green tones are becoming increasingly popular. Whether it’s a vibrant neon green for a fun, lively look or a muted sage for a subtle yet playful touch, green is proving to be an unexpected favorite of 2021.

Remember, when it comes to nail color trends, the key is to embrace variety and creativity. Don’t feel confined by these trends. Instead, use them as a launchpad for your own ideas. After all, your nails are a canvas for self-expression. As we move ahead, we can surely expect to see more innovative trends surfacing in the world of nail color, promising us all a vibrant, colorful, and stylish year.