How to Stop Impulse Buying

Answer these questions honestly:

  1. Do you have a spouse or a partner who complain that you’re spending too much cash?
  2. Are you shocked every month when you receive your bill from credit cards is due at a higher amount paid than you thought you did?
  3. Have you got more clothing and shoes inside your wardrobe than you be able to wear?
  4. Do you have every new gadget before it’s become dusty at the end of a shelf in a store?
  5. Do you purchase things that you didn’t think you needed before you saw it in a shop?

If you replied “yes” to any two of the above questions, then you are an impulse buyer and you are a fan of the world of retail therapy.

This isn’t a good choice. It can hinder you from saving money for essential things such as a house or a new car an escape or retirement. It is important to set financial goals and avoid spending money on things that do not matter in the end.

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The impulse to spend will not only cause stress on your finances but on your relationships too. To combat this issue the first thing you need to learn is to distinguish your desires from your needs.

Advertisers are bombarding us with ads promoting their goods at us all day long. The trick is to allow yourself a cooling-off time before buying anything you didn’t plan for.

If you are shopping you should make a list, and carry only enough cash to cover what you intend to purchase. You can leave the credit card at your home.

If you find something you feel you absolutely want, allow your self two weeks consider whether it’s something you require or something you could easily eliminate. If you follow this easy method it will help you to repair your financial barriers and strengthen your relationships.

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