How To Buy Cheap Broadway Tickets

For many theater enthusiasts, there’s nothing quite like the thrill of a live Broadway performance. Whether it’s a gripping drama, a riveting musical, or a comedic masterpiece, Broadway offers something for everyone. However, ticket prices for Broadway shows can be steep, making it seem difficult or nearly impossible for some people to afford them. Fortunately, there are several ways to get your hands on cheap Broadway tickets if you know where to look. Here are some strategies on how to score them without breaking the bank.

1. Rush and Lottery Tickets:

This is a widely-used strategy for snagging cheap seats. Many Broadway shows offer discounted “rush” tickets, which are sold on the day of the performance. You usually have to arrive at the theatre early in the morning to join the queue, and there’s a limit of two tickets per person. Make sure to check the specific theatre’s policies in advance.

Some shows also offer ticket lotteries, either in-person or digitally. Digital lotteries can be entered online, usually the day before the show. Winners of the lottery can purchase tickets at significantly reduced prices. Websites like TodayTix and Broadway Direct offer digital lottery entries for numerous shows.

2. Standing Room Only Tickets:

If you don’t mind standing for the duration of the performance, standing room tickets can be an incredibly affordable way to see a popular show. These tickets are also sold on the day of the performance and offer a spot to stand and watch from the back of the orchestra or balcony sections.

3. TKTS Discount Booths:

TKTS booths sell same-day tickets for Broadway and Off-Broadway shows at a discount of up to 50%. The main booth is located in Times Square, with other locations in Brooklyn and at the South Street Seaport. However, be prepared to wait in line, especially at the Times Square location.

4. Discount Ticket Websites:

Numerous websites provide discounts on Broadway tickets. Websites like TodayTix, BroadwayBox, and GoldStar offer discounted rates and occasionally additional promo codes that can be applied for further savings. These websites are great resources to check regularly if you’re on the hunt for cheap tickets.

5. Ticket Packages and Subscriptions:

Subscription packages are offered by some Broadway theatres, providing deep discounts when you buy tickets to multiple shows at once. If there are several shows you’re interested in, this could be a cost-effective solution.

6. Off-Peak and Preview Performances:

Ticket prices tend to be lower during the week than on weekends. So, if your schedule allows, try to plan your theater visit from Tuesday to Thursday. It’s also often cheaper to attend ‘previews,’ which are performances that take place before the official opening night. Reviewing the show calendar and booking accordingly can save you quite a bit.

7. Group Sales:

If you’re planning to attend a Broadway show with a large group, you might be able to secure a group discount. Many theatres offer special rates for groups of 10 or more. Group sales are typically arranged directly through the theatre or production company.

8. Student and Military Discounts:

Present a valid student or military ID and you could score some great discounts. This option is not always available and varies from show to show, but it’s worth asking at the ticket counter or checking the show’s official site.

As a final tip, avoid buying tickets from scalpers or unofficial sites, as these tickets could be fraudulent. Always opt to buy from the theatre’s box office or a verified ticket seller.

So, even though Broadway tickets can be expensive, with a bit of planning, patience, and savvy strategizing, you can enjoy a memorable Broadway performance while keeping your budget intact. Happy ticket hunting!