Best Life Insurance Companies of 2022

If you’re the primary source of income for your family members and you’re concerned about their financial security should you pass away A life insurance policy can give you security.

Life insurance may assist your family with burial costs, tuition expenses for children’s income loss, or other financial needs.

Below are our picks of the top life insurance firms for April 2022. We’ve listed their distinct features as well as the diverse kinds of policies and the premiums they offer.

If you’re looking for Life Insurance you should look at the rates of different companies to find the best rates.

Best Life Insurance Companies Reviews

1. Bestow

The reason we picked this format: The Bestow Life Insurance Company offers term insurance much faster and effortlessly than many firms, and also has an unheard-of death benefit for policies that don’t require medical exams.


  • Coverage that is high (up $1.5 million) $1.5 million) without medical examination
  • Application online and speedy processing
  • The length of the term varies between 10 and 30 years.
  • Long (30-day) free-look period


  • There are no riders available
  • Only sells one type of life insurance: term insurance
  • You must be younger than 60 to be eligible for coverage.
  • The policies are not accessible only to citizens of New York

Bestow is a great option for those who wish to purchase life insurance but don’t want the hassle of having a medical examination. Bestow sells short-term insurance plans (and only policies that cover term insurance) and therefore it is possible to apply on the internet to purchase the policy without having to visit the physician or get tests like blood tests. You can receive as much as $1.5 million of coverage, which is higher than many other no-exam insurance policies.

The company utilizes your data and responses to questions about your health history, hobbies, and other activities to determine your ability to qualify for life insurance as well as the cost. Bestow says you can obtain an estimate and purchase insurance in a matter of minutes, all via the internet.

Bestow policies are offered by a top-rated insurance company North American Company for Life and Health Insurance. In addition Life assurance from Bestow is now available on the Lemonade app and website. Bestow also provides a complete collection of useful details.

2. Ethos

Why we selected the formatEthos distinguishes itself as an insurance company for life that is capable of offering a variety of potential customers as well as those who have had difficulty obtaining insurance previously and are, for instance, elderly people. Additionally, potential customers can get a quote in a matter of minutes, without having to speak to an insurance representative.


  • Sells permanent and term coverage as well as term coverage.
  • Guaranteed issue policies are available
  • Application and quotes are completely online
  • Death benefit rider with acceleration that is included in the majority of policies


  • The public has limited information about the optional riders
  • Limited permanent life insurance options

Ethos provides three different types of underwriting:

  • Simplified issueSimplified issue regulations will require that you answer questions regarding your medical history and health However, medical examinations are not required.
  • Guaranteed issue with Guaranteed Issue policies you can’t be denied coverage based on your medical background or your health.
  • Fully underwrittenFully covered policies are based on medical examinations and blood tests.

Ethos utilizes either a simplified issue or fully underwritten methods for its term insurance policies and also guarantees issue underwriting for all of its Life Insurance policies (no company we have heard of has term policies that come to that guarantee coverage).

The guaranteed issue life insurance policy is offered for those who are between the ages of 65 to 85. Candidates can get approval in a matter of minutes in the amount of $25,000 insurance, regardless of medical background.

The majority of policies include an acceleration of death benefit rider which lets policyholders access some of their benefits in the event of an illness that is terminal.

3. Sprout

The Sprouts is an internet-based, non-profit life insurance broker that provides an easy and simple way to select and purchase traditional, no-exam, and guaranteed Life insurance plans.

The process is three steps and simple, which makes it appealing to those who are looking for life insurance but don’t need the hassles associated when applying for it.

Sprout offers a three-step procedure for obtaining Life insurance on the internet. The first step is to answer several basic questions about yourself and your life, such as the location you reside in as well as your age, general health, income, as well as your credit score, and degree of physical activity.

Sprout makes use of this information in the next step to create a “Quality of Life Index” (QL Index) which makes use of information and AI to produce distinctive insights and pricing.

The last step is to pick the plan and pricing that best suits your personal needs. It takes around 15 minutes from beginning to finish to complete the online application and receive prices from top companies.


  • Alternatives are available to those who are identifying as being non-binary
  • Technology helps match people with the appropriate coverage
  • Utilizes Quality of Life Index to cover policies
  • It is a simple procedure
  • Highly individual
  • Guaranteed and no-exam options


  • The policy of no exams can be revoked if you’ve filed for bankruptcy
  • No in-person assistance


4. Policygenius

The reason we picked it: As a comprehensive online marketplace for life insurance, Policygenius offers one-stop access to both whole and term life insurance policies from a broad selection of partners, which includes some of the top life insurance companies on our list. In contrast to other comparison sites, Policygenius promises not to sell your data to any third party.


  • Compare quotes quickly and easily from a variety of insurance companies.
  • Agents don’t earn commissions according to the company.
  • Different types of insurance are readily available


  • Online quotes aren’t accessible for all providers.
  • This option takes longer than other options to reach an accurate price

Policygenius ranks first as the most effective comparison tool and broker due to its convenience of one-stop shopping across various insurers. The Policygenius partners include such names as AIG, Banner Life, Brighthouse, John Hancock, Lincoln Financial, Mutual of Omaha, Pacific Life, Principal, Protective, Prudential, SBLI, and Transamerica.

The marketplace online also has an extensive library of educational tools for people who are new to life insurance, as well as suggestions for life insurance for those suffering from depression or diabetes. Along with the wide range of coverage options, such as temporary or permanent coverage These resources provide Policygenius with the best choice to compare quotes on life insurance.

If you require assistance in choosing the appropriate insurance policy or coverage amount, PolicyGenius’ agents can offer you individualized advice. They’re paid compensation, not commission according to the company, and therefore aren’t compelled to push out sales or steer customers to specific products that could result in a higher percentage of commission.

5. Haven Life

The reason we picked the format Haven Life provides an uncommonly broad selection of term life insurance choices which include plans that offer the highest death benefit. The plans also include other benefits like online tools to make an estate plan.


  • Two types of policies on the term: Haven Terms and Simplified Issue
  • Haven Simplified Issue does not need a medical examination
  • A maximum of $3 million in the form of a term insurance
  • Haven The term includes Haven Plus with discounts and perks


  • Medical examinations are required for any more than $500,000 of insurance
  • Simple issue policy is unavailable for CA, DE, SD, ND, or NY
  • Haven Plus isn’t accessible within FL, NY, ND, SD, and WA
  • Policies are not able to replace another life insurance policy.

Haven Life gets our nod as the top term insurance policy due to its broad range (10- 15, 15 and 20-, 25-25and 30-year) of terms for policies and the coverage amount ranging between $100,000 and $3 million.

Haven Life offers two types of life insurance policies for the term: Haven Term and Haven Simple. Haven Term is a combination of Haven Life Plus, a rider that offers accessibility to an internet-based platform to draft the will or trust, as well as fitness and sleep tracking apps, and an online vault to store important documents.

Anyone who is younger than 64 may be eligible for as much as $3 million protection through Haven Term. Haven Simple is only available to applicants between the ages of 20 and 55. It also comes with the rider Accelerated Death Benefit.

6. Ladder

The reason we picked this format: True in its title Ladder’s value lies in its adaptability. If your requirements alter, you can reduce or request to add protection. The premiums start at only $5 per month, which means you can buy an insurance policy even on an extremely tight budget.PROS

  • The duration of coverage can be adjusted in time
  • Between $100,000 and $8 million in long-term coverage
  • 30 days of free access to the internet instead of the normal 10-day time frame
  • There are no medical exams required for the maximum of $3 million coverage


  • Plans are limited to those between the ages of 20 and 60.
  • Only term coverage is offered.
  • No additional riders

Although it only writes term policies for young applicants, Ladder is the best affordable insurance we’ve come across. It is a straightforward three-step online form and offers low-cost insurance plans that start at just $5/month. The company doesn’t charge cancellation fees which means you can end your insurance at any time, and with no conditions attached.

Another feature that is appealing to Ladder differs from other insurance companies the company allows policyholders to alter their coverage online anytime and with the accompanying increases in the cost of premiums, naturally. This benefit can help policyholders keep their insurance affordable throughout the year, and is particularly attractive to those who are concerned about potential changes to their financial situation in the future.

7. State Farm

The reason we picked this format: If the satisfaction of your customers is important to the customer, State Farm should be the top choice. State Farm has a stellar reputation for customer care, along with a solid track record for financial stability.


  • The company that is ranked top for satisfaction with customers
  • Very few customer complaints
  • Multiple options for policies
  • Simplified-issue (no exam) policies available


  • Online quotes are not available for all options of insurance
  • Most policies require medical tests
  • There are no discounts when bundled with auto or homeowners insurance

State Farm is a leading insurance provider and is our choice for the top insurance provider in terms of customer satisfaction and trustworthiness. In 2021, it was recognized by J.D. Power as the most reputable life insurance provider based on the responses of consumers. Power beat twenty-one other companies in the life insurance industry in terms of its offerings in terms of products, communication prices, and customer interaction.

The company is awarded received an A+ (superior) grade by AM Best — the most prestigious rating that can be obtained, which indicates that the company is financially sound. Additionally, State Farm received fewer complaints than would be expected from an organization of this size.

State Farm sells term, universal, whwhole-termand universal life insurance policies. Although the majority of its policies require medical tests, however, there are some simpler-issue plans.