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About Al Parslan:

Alp Arslan was the second King of the Seljuk Realm and incredible grandson of Seljuk, the eponymous organizer behind the tradition. He significantly extended the Seljuk domain and merged his power, overcoming adversaries toward the south and northwest, and his triumph over the Byzantines at the Skirmish of Manzikert, in 1071, introduced the Turkoman settlement of Anatolia. For his tactical ability and battling abilities, he got the name Snow capped mountain Arslan, and that signifies “Brave Lion” in Turkish.

Early Life:

Alp Arslan was the child of Chaghri and nephew of Tughril, the establishing Kings of the Seljuk Domain. His granddad was Mikail, who thus was the child of the warlord Seljuk. He was the dad of various kids, including Malik-Shah I and Tutush I.[3] It is muddled who the mother or moms of his youngsters were. He was known to have been hitched no less than two times. His spouses incorporated the widow of his uncle Tughril, a Kara-Khanid princess known as Otherwise known as Khatun, and the girl or niece of Bagrat IV of Georgia (who might later wed his vizier, Nizam al-Mulk). One of Seljuk’s different children was the Turkic clan leader Arslan Isra’il, whose child, Kutalmish, challenged his nephew’s progression to the sultanate. High mountain Arslan’s more youthful siblings Suleiman ibn Chaghri and Qavurt were his adversaries. Kilij Arslan, the child and replacement of Suleiman ibn Kutalmish (Kutalmish’s child, who might later become Ruler of Rûm), was a significant rival of the Franks during the Primary Campaign and the Campaign of 1101.


Alp Arslan’s victory of Anatolia from the Byzantines is additionally viewed as one of the essential forerunners to the send off of the Campaigns.
From 2002 to July 2008 under Turkmen schedule change, the period of August was named after High mountain Arslan.
The second Preparation Mechanized Rifle Division of the Turkmen Ground Powers is named in his honor.