10 Tips to Help You Find The Cheapest Car Insurance

While you’re thinking about everything else in your mind, have you placed your car insurance policy on autopilot? This isn’t your responsibility that you have done it — plenty are people who do this. In fact, insurance companies rely on this. They earn more money this way , by increasing rates over time.

Perhaps it’s time to look over your policy and see the other options available that could make you money. cash this year.

Here are 10 suggestions to help you make an informed decisions about whether you’re spending too much on your car insurance:

Request higher deductibles.

The deductible on your auto insurance policy is the amount you have agreed to pay up front prior to your insurance company paying its share of the cost to repair damage. Consider raising your deductible from say, $200 , to $500. You may be surprised by how much you’ll save each year. In certain instances you can save 15-30% off the cost of your comprehensive and collision insurance. If you raise the deductible to $1,000, you might be able to reduce it further and possibly up to a reduction of costs by at most 40 percent or even more.

Eliminate coverage you don’t require.

Do you own an outdated beater? Consider dropping collision and/or comprehensive coverage altogether. Who would want to pay for a cost which is greater than the value of the vehicle in the first place? Go online to find the value of your car actually is worth. It is possible to do this on Edmunds.com.

Do not pay for double insurance for medical.

In the event that you’re covered by an adequate life, health or disability insurance plan, simply purchase minimum protection for personal injuries the state of your residence requires.

Don’t purchase car thieves are known to steal.

It is more expensive to insure cars that are well-known to car thieves. You can find the data on this at ConsumerAffairs.com. While you’re there do not buy a car that’s expensive to fix.

Drive less.


A lot of insurance companies offer a “low-mileage discount” to drivers who meet the criteria. If you are able to use a carpool for your commute and save money on fuel and insurance. Not only that you’ll see less wear and wear on your vehicle as well. In addition, many cities have an express lane on the highway or freeway for carpoolers, so you’ll be able to get there faster and also save money. Contact your insurance company to discover if you’re eligible.

Security features can help you save money, too.


Do you realize that you are often able to get a discount when you own a vehicle equipped with seat belts that are automatic or anti-lock brakes as well as the daytime run lights? If you also have an authorized alarm device or another security device that blocks theft, you can also save money.

Include your child on your list of rules.

Do not put teenagers on their own insurance because it is too much. A second thing about teenagers is that if they maintain decent academic records and successfully complete an approved driver’s training course, they can qualify for discounted rates for this too. If your child attends college over 100 miles away far from their home in the state, they may be eligible for additional discounts when they leave their vehicle at home.

All your family’s cars are in the same insurance company.

Numerous insurance companies will be glad to cover your insurance rates in more than one vehicle at the same time. Not only that if you purchase life or homeowner’s insurance, as well and save money, you’ll also be even better off.

Ask yourself this simple question: “What other discounts should I know about?”

If you’re over 50 or retired, you could get a discount through organizations like AARP and AARP. If you’ve no points or accidents on your driving record and you’re a safe driver, you may qualify for a safe driver’s discount or if you’re an established customer with your company You could save cash this way.

Consider paying more in roadside service.

The thing is that getting towed could increase your cost and/or impact the eligibility of coverage. In addition, to make matters worse You may have received coverage via the credit card you used. Take a look. Sometimes, having roadside assistance from an independent firm could be the best value of all.


There you go There are many ways to cut down on your insurance for vehicles. Get on the phone and look it up. In the end, who would not want an additional few hundreds (or several thousand) dollars to spend or save?

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